Proudly Sponsors ACCANO

Proudly Sponsors ACCANO

Proudly Sponsors ACCANOProudly Sponsors ACCANO

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Our history

 The Association is organized exclusively as a not for profit, non political, and non-denominational association that seeks to develop, promote, and grow awareness of our cultural heritage, while promoting unity in our community. The Association is volunteer- based and      membership is open to all the residents of African/Black/West Indian (BAWI) descent, their families, and friends.


Our Mission, Vision & Objectives


To develop, promote, and grow awareness of our cultural heritage through education and advocacy to positively impact the socio- economic development of the community.


To foster a legacy for our African-Caribbean culture by contributing to the development of the Canadian society through active, equitable and collective integration.


To bring together all the residents of Northern Ontario of Black/African/Caribbean descent, their families and friends

To advance the socio-economic interest of our members

To create and maintain a network of entrepreneurial business resources amongst the African Caribbean community

To promote and provide a forum for our children and the youth to learn about our diversity

To establish interactive educational programs about our culture

To increase our visibility through active participation in the community

To promote and assist with the integration of new immigrants in the community

To connect and build relationships with other groups in the community to advance multiculturalism as a fundamental characteristic of the Canadian identity

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